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SSG-SoccerPro was created by Soccer coaches for Soccer coaches. Users of the app can easily set-up Small Sided Games during their practices, training sessions, tournaments, camps and tryouts. SSG-SoccerPro assigns points to each player at the end of every game and individual points are accumulated over the course of all matches. When all matches are completed coaches get immediate results. SSG-SoccerPro results can be viewed by the coach, emailed to each player or downloaded.

How It Works

  • Coaches input their players into the app
  • Select players
  • Select the type of small sided game (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5)
  • Select how many fields will be set up (coach determines size)
  • Select the number of games the coach wants each player to play
  • Select the amount of time for each game

That’s it; SSG-SoccerPro creates all the matches and assigns each set of games to specified fields.

After each set of games is completed, the coach enters the scores and starts the next set of games.

SSG-SoccerPro automatically keeps track of all results and assigns points to each player.

match report screenshot

Wins = 3, Loses = 0, Ties = 1, Shutouts = .5, Goals for = 1 each (max 3), Goals against = 0

If a player is injured and can not continue the app gives coaches the ability to recalculate matches without the injured player or save the data and start again.

Benefits of Using SSG-SoccerPro

  • Have Immediate Results at your fingertips Coaches and players view their performance and ranking based upon their play that day or throughout the entire season
  • Use Stats To Make Game Day Decisions With results from Small Sided Games you can see each players individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Track Results Over Time With SSG-SoccerPro coaches can track a player’s results throughout the course of a season or their entire career. (Avg. Points per SSG type, overall points in all SSG, number of SSG played, wins, losses, draws, shut outs, goals for, goals against, points)
  • Motivate Players Competition helps motivate your players to try harder and achieve more. With SSG-SoccerPro, players will instinctively set goals and strive to be the top ranked player
  • Export Results You can export results to players via email and send match data to yourself in excel file formats for further analysis and backup
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App Features

  • Create small sided games from any teams or groups
    • - 100 players 2 v 2 and 1 v 1
    • - 50 players 3 v 3 matches
    • - 30 players 4 v 4 matches
    • - 20 Players for 5 v 5 matches
  • Creates all matches according to coaches specifications and records results
  • Gives coaches and players immediate, objective feedback
  • Ranks players based total points
  • Keeps a history of each player’s results by type of small sided game
  • Email results to each player
  • Export data in spreadsheet compatible format
features screen shot

Easy Game Set Up

Coaches can easily create and manage Small Sided Games with a variety of options:

  • Any number of players
    • - 100 players 2 v 2 and 1 v 1
    • - 50 players 3 v 3 matches
    • - 30 players 4 v 4 matches
    • - 20 Players for 5 v 5 matches
  • Any number of fields
  • Any type of SSG
  • Any amount of time per game
  • Automatically adjusts matches for injured players
setup screen shot

Small Sided Games have proved to be the best ways to help develop and evaluate soccer players all over the world. Small sided games not only maximize touches they also increase 1 vs 1 encounters which are crucial for elite player development. Now the SSG-SoccerPro iPhone app gives coaches the instant ability to create and manage small sided games. SSG-SoccerPro gives coaches full control and flexibility to optimize small sided game benefits.

What Coaches are Saying

I would use this tool as a barometer for the season. Set up games twice a week and keep records. This app would help to create a competitive environment in training where results can been seen over time. In our non-traditional season when our roster numbers are down and guys are trying to prove themselves this app collects concrete data that helps to evaluate performance.

Matthew O'Toole
Head Coach Men's Soccer
Clark University

Thoroughly enjoy using this app when I work with young players. It is great for tracking data on the players throughout the season and helping set up teams for playing small sided games and street soccer events during practice sessions. It certainly beats using old school pen and paper along and keeps coaches prepared so that the games can flow fluently.

Adrian Parrish
Director of Coach & Player Development
Kentucky Youth Soccer Association

I really like the individual breakdowns of scoring. My players can see: goals for, goals-against, point and how it ranks them compared to their teammates. They are encouraged to compete for a better ranking and to improve their statistics in the next set of matches. As we play more games it gives them a detail history of how they did in each type of small sided game throughout the season. The best however, is the fact that my players are significantly increasing their touches on the ball. The more I use SSGSoccerPro the more touches they get and the better they become.

Tony Iannitti
Varsity Head Coach
South Fork High School

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