Bradford H. Partridge, SSG-SoccerPro
Brad is the creator of the SSG-SoccerPro app as well as the creator of the CAPS (Comprehensive Assessment Program for Soccer) Program. A coach for over thirty years, Brad has extensive knowledge of soccer and elite player development. He is the author of several soccer article related to player development; The New Paradigm for Player Development, and We identify our best players, but our best players still aren’t good enough.

About SSG

Brad has spent the last 15 years researching and studying elite athletic development. He has used his knowledge and experience to provide coaches the necessary tools to enhance player development. He has been recognized throughout the country for his achievements and support of soccer. In 2013 Brad was inducted into the WPSL(Women’s Premier Soccer league) Hall of Fame.
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The New Paradigm Shift for Player Development

Unlike most other cultures throughout the world, the game of soccer in the US has not been, until recently a primary sport. Not to mention the religious like stature it receives in many cultures such as South America, Africa and Europe. Yet we live in one of the most competitive, affluent and technically advanced cultures ever...So the question begs itself why we don’t and if we will ever produce one of the world’s best field players.

The answer to this question lies in the developmental paradigms that have emerged in the US. The largest influence has come from the US Soccer Federation and its publication, “Best Practices for Coaching Soccer in the United States”. In the publication the USSF quite clearly states, “The most fundamental skill in soccer is individual mastery of the ball and the creativity that comes with it. This should be a priority in training and games, especially in the early years. As this skill is mastered, the rest of the game becomes easier – both to teach and learn. Practices should be built around facilitating the development of the skills necessary to move and control the ball well.” This message is clear and concise, that is, youth players should be encouraged, motivated and coached to develop individual ball skills.
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We Identify Our Best Players, But Our Best Players Still Aren't Good Enough

When I look at the soccer landscape in the US I see that the major organizations have done and are doing a significant amount of work identifying our best players. ODP is the most prevalent example as well as US Club Soccer’s id2 program. In addition there is a plethora of leagues specifically designed and marketed as Elite players Identification and Development Leagues, USYSA Regional, US Soccer Development Academy, Super Y, US Club, Elite Clubs National League are the most notable. For those of us that can remember Project 40, the same theme was presented, specifically that if you identify the best players have them train and play together then you will develop the players skilled enough to win a World Cup.

So what’s wrong with this picture?

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What Coaches are Saying

Thoroughly enjoy using this app when I work with young players. It is great for tracking data on the players throughout the season and helping set up teams for playing small sided games and street soccer events during practice sessions. It certainly beats using old school pen and paper along and keeps coaches prepared so that the games can flow fluently.

Adrian Parrish
Director of Coach & Player Development
Kentucky Youth Soccer Association

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